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AGM in March 2016 at Chamberlayne Road Scout Hall at 7.30pm

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JST Pumpkin Show

Can you help with the Pumpkin Show in October?

We need allotment members to assist at the shows?

It' good fun and you get free entry.

October 2015

Association works with Council

We operate a Seed scheme offering highly discounted prices (up to 50%) on top quality seeds and plants.

We offer Public Liability insurance to our members included in our small membership fee.

We offer the use of machinery to members at some sites - FREE of change - as well as the free use of tools to get you started.

In addition we have a numbers of shops on site that sell almost everything you need on an allotment. Even ice cream for the kids!

Following the end of the legal activity regarding rent increases, Eastleigh Borough Council invited representatives from the Association to discuss future rent increases.

The objective was to agree a rent strategy over the next 10 years.

Although the Association has no legal right of input, a useful meeting discussed a number of issues from rent increases, use of buildings and water useage.

The Association are pleased to have been invited to discussions and a plan of rent increases around the rate of inflation every two years was considered appropriate. This will allow allotmenteers to plan and know what their rents will be.


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The Committee meets every 2 months, generally. The next meeting will be on 11 August 2014. All welcome.

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